Photography Fundamentals

Photography Course : Fundamentals

Duration: Once a week for a total of 7 Lessons

Next Course Starts:
To be confirmed

Book to secure your place  
Venue: Film Pro Studio
 – 23 Albert Street – George

Included is one Practical session on a Saturday Morning
Students: Beginner to Intermediate ( All levels welcome )


This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate people ( All Levels Welcome ) that are interested in understanding the possibilities of photography and to have a good understanding of the principles/techniques and functions of the digital SLR
camera and want to have more creative control and make better decisions when taking photos to have better composition, perspective, exposure and impact.
Due to the limits of “Compact Digital Camera’s” some of the course material will not be able to be applied. EG: Cameras that can’t change lenses, take an external flash / manual settings. However people with compact digital camera’s will still learn the fundamentals and be able to shoot within the limits their camera has.

What students can expect:

Personal attention and small classes for hands on training. Students will participate in practical workshops over and above the technical theory classes. An emphasis is places on students bringing photos to class for adjudication and discussion as this helps the photographer as well as the other students from a hands on point-of-view. Students are encouraged to interact in class and ask questions.

Course Outline: ( Subject to change )

– Understanding your equipment
– Understanding how the camera works and which one is the right one for you.
– Introduction to major categories of photography ( Architecture / Macro / Nature / Wildlife / Portraits / Photo Journalism / Scapes )

– Technical: ( understanding )
1. Shooting modes
2. Metering Modes
3. Shutter Modes
4. Focus Modes

– Practical & Theory:
1. Working with “Depth of Field”
– Understanding Exposure:
1. Reciprocity
2. Exposure compensation
3. ISO & Exposure

– Camera Lenses:
1. Focal Length
2. Perspective
3. IS / VR
4. Standard/Prime/Wide/Telephoto/Macro

– Camera Supports:
1. Tripod
2. Mono-Pods
3. Heads
4. What to do when you dont have a support.
5. Good practice

– Composition:
1. Shapes / lines / Balance / impact ect

– White Balance:
1. What is White Balance
2. Which setting works when?
3. Correcting white balance

– Mega Pixels:
1. How much is enough
2. How to calculate MP/size

– Practical’s / Outings:
1. Sweet light / Flash / Fill light – Botanical Gardens/Vicbay
2. In studio – Painting with Light

– File Formats / Compression / Layers / Side Car files:
1. RAW ( CR2 /NEF )
2. Digital Negative
3. Tiff
5. PSD

– Good Practice:
1. Storing Files / Edited Photos / DNG
2. Backups
3. Various Storage Mediums ( CD/DVD/BluRay – USB2 / Firewire / USB3 / NAS )
4. Calibration ( RGB / sRGB )

– Software:
1. irfanview
2. Canon Photo Professional
3. Adobe Photoshop Elements / CS

– Photoshop Basics:
1. Correcting Horizon
2. Cropping
3. Clone
4. Levels
5. Saturation
6. Sharpen
7. Black & White / Sepia
8. Non destructive Highlights and Shadows technique

Course costs and time line:

The duration of the course will be over 7 Lessons.
Note that one of the lessons will be a practical on a Sat Morning 6:30am to 9:30am.
The course includes practical workshops in the studio as well as a outing to the botanical gardens/Vicbay.

Costs are per person: R2750.00 special  (normal price R3880.00)
Payment Terms: 50% on booking, balance on start of course
Book to secure your place by emailing:

Course includes a Digital Photography Handbook

Course Dates: To be confirmed (once we have 4 to 6 students)
Classes are Held at the newly built studio – 23 Albert Street, George.
Tea and coffee will be available – students may bring snacks if they wish.

Student Testimonials:

Herman: “ First of all, thanks for a great course, I really enjoyed it. For the first time I understand how to take a proper picture, what photography is about, the different buttons and dials on the camera are there for and all of a sudden, reading the manual makes so much sense! ”

Gerry:“ The Photography Fundamentals Course which I attended over a seven week period recently entirely lived up to my expectations .

Not only was it inspirational and informative but it brought with it a whole new appreciation for the possibilities and many aspects of photography for both the hobbyist as well as the more accomplished photographer .

I found it quite intense and loaded with lots of information and things to remember . Fortunately we had good notes ! The practical homework exercises were interesting and helpful and the final outdoor workshop practical was particularly welcome .

The newly acquired knowledge is already being put into practice but I must share with you that , on the lighter side , I am now suffering from sleep deprivation as a result of getting up before sunrise to look out for great lighting conditions and then I fall victim to spending many long hours sorting and tweaking and electronically ‘fixing ‘ little things on photographs .

It has brought about another change in lifestyle …………. a little afternoon shuteye , just to catch up !”

Chantelle: “I just wanted to say thank you so much, the course is awesome. It really made a difference for me and learning the fundamentals of photography.  You were great and thanks for all your patience and the extra attention. So…. a BIG THANK YOU :) “

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